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Tesla Model 3 | Y Head Up Display

NAME: Tesla Model 3 | Y Head Up Display
DESCRIPTION: The 15" display between the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, while driving, the driver can only check the driving speed on the middle display. At the same time, the number that shows the speed is also very small, and the driver needs to turn his head to see the speed.Our head up display of the vehicle allows the driver to see the speed of the vehicle in the line of sight most connected to the driver.

✔️ Easy to install, it compatible with original car tecology and using orgirnal port to read car's information to display. Fast data transmission and good performance. Plug and play, easy to operate.
✔️ 3D reflection display without ghosting. The floating virtual display which using self-curved surface technology and multi-layer optical coating to correct image distortion. It don't need to paste screen film. Display information soft and glare-free at night.
✔️ The head up display can auto switch on or off when car star and stop. It has sensitivity brightness display adjustment which adjust the brightness of the display according to light intensity all weather, all-environment without glaring when driving.

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